Why These Sneakers Keep Selling Out

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I’ve been sporting Alo clothing for the better part of three years. Why? The brand’s comfortable garments allow you to bend any which way you want, while still looking stylish. An all-around Alo stan, I’ve also raved about its essential oils and the Alo Yoga Beauty Glow System to anyone who will listen.

You can imagine my delight, then, when I learned that Alo was dropping a new lifestyle shoe, dubbed the Alo x 01 Classic ($185). It launched in May, and has since sold out three separate times.

Now, it’s back in stock, and I made sure to get my hands on a pair as quickly as I could. After two weeks of testing, I’m here to tell you that it’s quickly become my all-time favorite sneaker.

Alo x 01 Classic — $185.00

Available sizes: 5-16.5 (W) | 3.5-15 (M)
Material: Vegan leather
Fit: Runs big
Insole: 1 ¾” recovery foam
Colors: 2 (white and black/white)

  • Highly stylish and versatile
  • Easy to dress up or down
  • Very comfortable to walk in  
  • Outer sole offers great stability
  • Provides all-day support
  • Extra-padded collar for added comfort
  • Made of recycled materials and vegan leather
  • Initially feels heavy on your feet
  • Not ideal for running or working out
  • Runs big—order a half-size down

The Alo x 01 Classic made a real good first impression

Aesthetically speaking, the Alo x 01 Classic remind me of Nike Air Force 1s. The sole is flat as can be and about an inch thick. At the toes, there are tiny holes for breathability. And, of course, the Alo logo is displayed on the side panel. All quite similar to Air Forces.

They are also different, though. For instance, the perimeter of the sole is a light brown instead of fully white. They’re made with vegan leather and have some recycled components. Additionally, these are designed as recovery shoes with a stacked, high-rebound recovery foam insole—meaning that, as you walk, they’re hitting pressure points in your feet, giving you a mini-massage with every step.

Alo also claims these don’t crease, and can last three times longer than any other street shoe on the market. (Check back with me in a few years, and I’ll let you know if that checks out.)

woman wearing Alo x 01 Classic sneakers
Photo: Author

How the Alo x 01 Classic performed during four (very) different activities

Nanny work

The first time I sported my new Alo kicks was to work, where I nanny a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. As soon as I stepped into their home, my boss—a bonafide sneakerhead—complimented my shoes. He, too, noticed the similarities to the classic Nike street shoe, initially saying he liked my Air Forces. He was a little mind blown when I told him they were, in fact, Alo sneakers.

I’ve worn them to work pretty much every shift thereafter—and not just because my boss likes them. They’re comfortable as hell to walk in. Whether I’m pushing the stroller around the neighborhood or chasing after the kids at the park, I feel the support from these sneakers.

Dinner dates

After hearing that most folks really liked the look of these Alo sneakers, I realized that I could wear them “out”—not just to take care of the munchkins. In fact, I was invited to a press dinner by the Mexican state of Jalisco. I paired the Alo x 01 Classic with a dusty-pink dress and wore the ‘fit to a trendy LA restaurant.

Since the shoes were a big hit at the dinner, I decided to wear them on a date, too—this time pairing them with a white-and-blue striped dress. My date was pleasantly surprised that I would wear sneakers to dinner and complimented my “fresh kicks.” This made it official: These sneakers are easy to dress up or down.

Photo: Author

Road trip

I also wore the Alo x 01 Classic on a couple of two-hour road trips between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. On the way there, I drove more than 100 miles with my foot on the gas basically the entire time. These shoes were super comfortable the whole way. Even though it was a bit heavier than I was expecting, I actually didn’t really feel the shoe on my foot.

When I’m on a road trip and I’m not driving, I am usually a shoes-off kind of passenger. Sometimes I’ll even wear slides for easy removal. However, when I wore the Alo x 01 Classic back to LA from Palm Springs, I didn’t even think about taking off the shoes. That’s how cozy they are.


Because of the sleek street style of these sneakers, I was able to style them well enough to take out dancing. A group of friends and I went to a club, where I wore a classic little black dress, pink sunglasses, and my Alo sneakers with a white ankle sock. I felt confident and fashionable in this look.

More importantly, however, the sneakers allowed me to dance all night without having to take any breaks. As someone who loves to shred the dance floor, that’s a huge plus for me. An acquaintance wore “super-comfortable heels” (her words) and had to sit down toward the end of the night. Which just makes me say, sneakers for the win.

Who this sneaker is best for

During the two weeks I’ve been testing the Alo x 01 Classic, I’ve worn them for pretty much everything I’ve done. And I learned that these are amazing sneakers for all the things—except running and going to the gym.

Since the sole is pretty flat, it doesn’t have the propulsion that makes a good running shoe. For strength training, they’re fine—but there are far better options that provide more stability. Plus, even though this shoe is advertised as crease-free, why risk it?

This might seem a bit ironic for a shoe made by an activewear brand, but these really are lifestyle sneakers designed for recovery rather than activity. And they do just that while seamlessly matching with many different looks. Unless you’re trying to work out, I can confidently say that if this style is up your alley, you should add them to your cart before they sell out yet again.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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