All Elite’s Harley Cameron Fitness Gurls Cover Athlete

Harley Cameron is not just All Elite, she’s also unstoppable. Harley Cameron Fitness Gurls – A fusion of athleticism and grace, she has redefined what it means to be a woman in the world of wrestling and fitness modeling. Her journey, marked by relentless determination and a passion for excellence, inspires many. In this exclusive feature, Harley opens up about her rigorous training regimen, mental resilience, and the drive that propels her to new heights in and out of the ring.”

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Harley, you’re making waves in the wrestling industry with AEW. How did you initially get into professional wrestling?

Thank you!  It’s been an amazing journey so far that I’m extremely thankful for. Like many, I grew up watching wrestling.  However, living in Australia, never seemed like a possible career path because the big leagues were on the other side of the world, and it was extremely difficult to get a working permit for the USA.  So it was never something I could imagine would happen before coming to America.  At the time, I was in the entertainment industry and the fitness industry in Australia as a personal trainer and theatre performer. Once I was able to relocate to America and was immersed again in the wrestling culture as an adult, I knew this was my opportunity to mix my passions in entertainment and athletics and follow a dream I thought was never possible!  It’s by far the most difficult, yet fulfilling thing I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful to be where I am today. 

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As a fitness model, how do you balance your intense training regimen with your wrestling commitments?

I find weight and cardio training to be a necessity and something that helps me feel a sense of routine and happiness.  I also find it very therapeutic, and therefore is a necessity in my day-to-day!  Wrestling training (in-ring) is a whole other level of fitness and athleticism that I can’t compare to anything else – it’s very intense!  I make sure to start my mornings with my gym routine, and generally train in-ring in the afternoons. This is a consistent routine for me at least 4-5 times a week. It’s a lot of physical exertion, so the main things I prioritize to balance it all involve getting adequate food for the day, staying hydrated, and getting good rest. 

Harley Cameron Fitness Gurls

What inspired you to pursue a career as a fitness model alongside your wrestling career?

I was a fitness model long before I became a wrestler. Almost 19 years ago I was studying personal training and nutrition, and during that time I began implementing what I learned into my daily life. It subsequently led me to get into the best shape of my life, and I found that as motivation to compete in my first fitness show.  I did very well, which led me to gain sponsorships and attention in the fitness industry, which then led to fitness modeling and competing for many years. 

Could you share some insights into your workout routine? How do you keep yourself in such phenomenal shape?

Generally speaking, I have a set routine. Being on the road can change that some days, but I try to stick to what I know works for me.  I’ll start my day off early and do about 45 minutes of weights, and finish with 20-30 minutes of cardio.  I train isolated muscle groups and usually use a split system of 3 lower-body and 2 upper-body days a week. I do cardio in HIIT style mostly to finish the session. The days that I’m in the ring to train will be afternoon sessions usually for about 3 hours. I have a lot of energy so I enjoy working out. On days that I feel like I need rest, I will take it, but I always listen to my body and make sure I get adequate rest.  


Many people struggle with maintaining a healthy diet. How do you stay disciplined when it comes to nutrition?

Studying nutrition has been a game changer in understanding what my body needs. I think of food as fuel, and when I was younger I was far more restrictive with what I ate, but as I gained an increasing knowledge of Macro nutrients and the different effects certain foods have on your body, gut health, dopamine levels, energy levels and much more, it began easier to eat things that I was once hesitant to consume. That knowledge essentially gave me better results aesthetically and allowed me to have variety in my diet, which in turn resulted in healthy eating patterns. I do love food! I generally eat a Paleo-based format, but of course enjoy the occasional cookie. 

wrestler, fitness model, and singer—how do you find time to focus on all these aspects of
your career?

Well, thank you so much!  I have always thrived in a busy and demanding environment. I feel I’m my best version of myself when I’m constantly on the go, and trying to grow and improve on my results. I think people find time for things that matter most to them, and I care about what I do – so it never feels like work, which makes it easier than it sounds!  I love what I do and feel lucky to be where I am, so I never want to take it for granted. 

Let’s talk about your music career. You’re a singer and now a rapper too! How do you feel your experience as a wrestler and fitness model influences your music?

Music was my first-ever passion and is still a big part of my life today. I wouldn’t say wrestling and fitness have had direct impacts on the majority of my music career as I was a professional singer for many years before I began training. I always compose things based on what I’m feeling at the time if there’s a story I want to tell, or a feeling I want to evoke. I can say that once I started wrestling I definitely started composing music more suited to that world though. Writing wrestling theme music has become one of my favorite things to do!  And I have been lucky enough to compose some music for some amazing friends in the wrestling industry. Speaking in that regard, I try to write theme music that embodies the individual.

Welcome back to the cover of Fitness Gurls. You once again look incredible on our cover. How do you feel about being a role model for fitness enthusiasts?

Thank you for having me, it’s an honor!  I hope to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and spread awareness of the physical and mental benefits that training and nutrition can provide to your life. I also hope I can spread awareness of the hard work that goes into the industries I’m in, but explain that this hard work also comes with incredible rewards.  

🚨 Read the whole of the interview and see more photos in the new issue:
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