14 Intuitive Eating Dietitians on Instagram To Follow

If you’re trying to build a better relationship with food, the internet can be a scary place. There is a lot of power in curating an anti-diet space in your corner of the internet, and one way to do this is by following intuitive eating dietitians on Instagram. Imagine instead of diet culture doom-scrolling, your feed was full of expert dietitians empowering you to make the healthiest choices for your physical body—and your mental health.

Intuitive eating (IE) comprises a distinct set of principles—created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995—aimed at enhancing your relationship with food, free from calorie counting, point systems, or scales. This approach places importance on attentively recognizing your body’s innate signals of hunger and fullness, while also embracing your cravings and preferences without judgment or restriction.

Intuitive eating was initially created to support individuals dealing with disordered eating or diagnosed eating disorders. It’s an approach to eating that prioritizes cultivating a wholesome and harmonious connection with food, rather than adhering to rigid diets or external regulations.

Nonetheless, many people have embraced this concept for various reasons, such as preventing an unhealthy relationship with food, fostering positive eating habits in children, or managing health conditions with reduced stress, shame, or guilt surrounding nutrition.

How IE dietitians are different

You can spot intuitive eating dietitians on Instagram because they won’t be talking about weight loss. They may use terms like “gentle nutrition” and “balanced” instead of “clean,” and their content will be completely devoid of numbers or triggering language.

Intuitive eating education can still be quite structured, prescriptive, and helpful in its own right. You may learn practical tips about meal prepping, paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, and cultivating a healthier relationship with food without talking about calories, your weight, or dreaded measuring cups.

14 intuitive eating dietitians on Instagram worth a follow


Cara Harbstreet, RD, LD, founder of Street Smart Nutrition, is all about fearlessly nourishing meals. Delivering a combination of colorful, vibrant, and approachable recipes with balanced, practical nutrition advice, her social media and blog are built around meals that satisfy. Cara enjoys candid conversations about all things food and wellness, including some major myth busting around fear-mongering headlines (especially MSG!). And as a Korean-American dietitian, followers also gain insight into cultural nuances around what a non-diet approach and gentle nutrition look like in practice.


An OG in the intuitive eating space, Chewning is a registered dietitian who’s been spreading nutrition education truth bombs on Instagram before it was uber cool to be an intuitive eating dietitian on Instagram. She regularly debunks diet culture myths and encourages her followers to make gentle nutrition changes overtime that help them feel their best.


Jamie Nadeau, RD, is a registered dietitian of almost a decade, and her passion is helping people find balance with food. She loves to help people uncomplicate their diet with easy nutrition tips, diet culture myth busting, and realistic recipes. She uses an all-foods-fit approach to teach balance, flexibility and most of all a healthy, easy relationship with food. She’ll show you how to practice adding healthy foods and lifestyle habits into your life instead of focusing on dieting and restriction.


Miranda Galati, RD, is a registered dietitian on a mission to make healthy eating easy and truly enjoyable. She believes in the power of nutrition to transform your health—and that dieting and restriction isn’t necessary to harness the power of nourishing foods. Miranda believes in a balanced and personalized approach to nutrition because a healthy diet is only truly healthy if you can stick with it.


Kelsey Kunik, RDN, is an intuitive eating registered dietitian helping people navigate gentle nutrition to feel their best and reach their health goals without dieting. She embraces a real-life, simplified approach to eating, so you can eat the foods you love without guilt and enjoy nourishing foods in a fun and delicious way.


Caroline Young, RD, LD, and her associates share insights and tips on improving relationships to food, body, and movement. The practice takes a weight-inclusive, non-diet, and mindfulness lens on nutrition and has multiple RDs on staff.


Emily Settler, RD, is an anti-diet dietitian who helps women ditch dieting and learn to find peace with food and their body through intuitive eating. She works through each step of intuitive eating to help you become in-tune with your hunger and fullness cues, heal your relationship with food, and ditch diet culture for good.


Samina Qureshi, RDN, LD, is the founder and registered dietitian at Wholesome Start, a weight-inclusive gastro-intestinal nutrition practice based in Houston, Texas. She specializes in helping people who struggle with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) find relief and nourish their bodies without rigid diets, stress, guilt, or shame. Qureshi respects body diversity and encourages her clients to care for their health in a gentle way that best honors their lifestyle, unique needs, and cultural traditions. Through nutrition coaching, her clients are able to heal their relationship with food, find relief from their uncomfortable gut symptoms, and support long-term gut health.


Nicole Groman, RDN, known as The Hungry Clementine, is a registered dietitian nutritionist beloved by her followers for her expertise in promoting balanced and healthy eating habits. With a passion for culinary creativity, Nicole provides personalized nutrition guidance that goes beyond just meal planning, helping her clients develop sustainable, enjoyable relationships with food. Her approach combines evidence-based nutrition with a focus on mindful eating, empowering individuals to make informed choices for their well-being.


Lauren Dorman, RD, is a registered dietitian who focuses on the mind and mental aspects of food behaviorsmind and mental aspects of food behaviors. She helps women who are frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused about food and their bodies to create simplified and sustainable, long-term behavior changes.


Dani Lebovitz, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, children’s book author, and founder of Kid Food Explorers, who empowers grown-ups on their journey to raise healthy, confident, adventurous eaters. Through her work, Lebovitz revolutionizes food narratives and nutrition education, providing culturally inclusive and developmentally appropriate resources. With engaging food education and interactive STEAM activities, she creates memorable experiences that nurture kids’ curiosity, build food confidence, and foster food competence, helping children establish a lifelong, healthy relationship with food and their bodies.


Jenn Baswick, RD, is a non-diet registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counsellor, cat mom, and cookie dough lover. She specializes in helping folks overcome binge eating, overeating, and emotional eating so that they can embody their version of food freedom. She especially loves infusing mindset work with intuitive eating practices. Baswick is dedicated to helping guide her clients and community to leave all of the “shoulds” of diet culture in the past and find confidence in their own inner wisdom to guide their eating decisions, increase their self-worth, and embody their most authentic selves.


Emily is an anti-diet dietitian who helps women ditch dieting and learn to find peace with food and their body through intuitive eating. She works through each step of intuitive eating to help you become in-tune with your hunger and fullness cues, heal your relationship with food, and ditch diet culture for good.


Krystal Dunham, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, former fad dieter, and everyone’s new best friend to reclaim joy in food and movement. She specializes in disordered eating, binge eating, and body image recovery using intuitive eating approaches.

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