Top 5 Non-Toxic Products For Winter

Being in the middle of Winter is fun and all until your skin starts to suffer! So, in effort to help us all get through these chillier temps, I asked Alexandra the Organic Bunny holistic Esthetician to put together our top 5 tips and tricks for getting dry skin in check. So, we will go over all of the things to avoid, as well as all of the new tips to implement ASAP to hopefully encourage quick relief and happier skin! Be sure to read to the very end as there just might be a free gift available to you! I only have 20 so once they are gone, they’re gone. I will delete this part once they are gone.

1. Face Masks (To help with Flaky, Dry Skin) – While we all know we need to be exfoliating regularly, sometimes it can be easy to forget! This step is key, especially during Winter, as all of those dead skin layers will actually prevent your other skin care products from absorbing and moisturizing your skin, what a waste right?!

Plus, dry, cold air makes dead, flakey skin appear much easier and it looks much more obvious under makeup, so now is not the time to skip exfoliation! Our top pick for exfoliating while also being hydrating, calming, and soothing is the Agent Nateur Holi Bright! This mask is the best ever, literally Botox in a jar and worth every penny, just read the reviews! Looking for a more affordable mask that smells like coconut cake? Then you will want to try Annemarie’s Honey Coconut Mask! This mask hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, while also using enzymes to gently exfoliate, so flakes don’t stand a chance! Instead, skin is immediately left feeling soft, smooth and plump.

2. Body Scrubs (To help with Dry, Rough Skin) – We usually focus on tending to our facial skin but let this be your reminder that we can’t forget about the rest of our body, especially in the Winter when it can be left feeling dry and itchy! Using a hydrating and moisturizing body scrub in the shower a couple of times a week will ensure you are buildup-free, head to toe!  Our top picks are Native Nectar’s Hibiscus + Blood Orange Sugar Body ScrubCleanse Gourmet’s Latte for your Botte Caffeine Body Scrub, or OM Organics’ Vanilla Moon Radiant Body Scrub.

Conscious Coconut also makes tonssss of divine scents to choose from for those on a budget! And if you prefer a scrub a little less textured, the Chocolate Sun body scrubs are very moisturizing and creamy and leave your skin silky smooth. Then on days you don’t use a body scrub or if you want to elevate up your body wash, using exfoliating gloves in the shower is another great way to tackle dry skin and buildup on your arms and legs.

3. Body Moisture (To help with Dry, Itchy, Scaly Skin) – Now that your body is oh-so-soft and smooth, you will want to be sure to apply a moisturizing body product to lock in moisture and keep dry skin at bay. Many tend to skip this step but it’s so important to apply a good body moisturizer in order to keep skin protected from the elements in these cold Winter months! 

Our top pick is Agent Nateur’s Body (Balm) which is a unique lifting and firming treatment creme that works hard to deeply hydrate, nourish, and moisturize your skin all day long. This creamy balm-like texture melts into the skin, leaving a velvety, glistening finish that LASTS. Body (Balm) is packed with hydrating plant extracts and skin-nourishing oils alongside powerful, trademarked, and patented face-grade anti-aging active ingredients that are used for full body care. No other brand is using these potent ingredients in their body products, which is what sets the Body(Balm) apart from the rest. You can also pair this with their Holi (Body) Ageless Body Serum to further lock in moisture! 

Some other rich and creamy options are Among the Flower’s Body Butter in Citrus Vanil or we also love Epic Blends’ Hydrating Balm in Coconut Vanilla! Fan of oils? A new favorite addition is Scentual Aroma’s Coconut Illuminating Body Oil which smells like a tropical island and gives the skin a subtle glow. Epic Blend’s Coconut Vanilla Body Oil also smells amazing, and if you prefer the scent of lavender, check out their Lavender Orange Body Oil instead! Don’t forget about Living Libations’ Best Skin Ever Body Oils which come in a variety of scents! 

Pro Tip- Make sure you apply all of your moisturizing body products on wet skin before towel drying to ensure max absorption and efficacy. Otherwise, they can sit on the surface and won’t fully absorb, which can leave you feeling greasy and with dry skin still!

4. Hand Cream (Dry, Cracked Hands) – Winter can also cause dry hands and cuticles, so it’s important to not only use a good hand cream, but you also want to be sure you are using the cleanest products when it comes to hand soap and hand sanitizer too as these products can often strip your skin, leading to dry, cracked hands.

We love the new Cymbitokia Hand Soap or Aleavia’s is another long-time fave too, don’t sleep on this step! Now that we have those cleaner options also covered, our biggest Winter tip is to moisturize your hands as often as possible, ideally after every hand wash to lock in moisture and keep your hands and cuticles protected. Our top pick is Snow Fox’s Vitamin E Hand Cream in Orange Blossom which is super cute and the perfect size to pop in your bag so you can keep it with you on the go! Woolzie’s Holiday hand cream in Vanilla Spice is also the perfect hand cream to have handy this time of year along with their Holiday Trio. They even make an Unscented option which is perfect for sensitive skin or noses!

5. Scalp Treatment (Dry, Flaky Scalp)- Experiencing a dry or itchy scalp? This is one of the most common hair/skin issues we get asked about during the Winter months and you’re in luck because we have some effective options to hydrate and soothe scalps that need some TLC! While we also always suggest Agent Nateur’s Holi Mane for its gut health benefits (scalp issues are often linked to gut health), Rahua’s Founder’s Blend Scalp Treatment is our personal top pick to combat dry or irritated scalps! This unique scalp mask is a super soothing, plant-based, non-toxic scalp treatment that brings hydration and balance back to the scalp’s microbiome while also strengthening your hair roots! It has a more lotion-like creamy texture, so it’s not super oily like so many other scalp treatments we’ve tried. Leave it in for 15+ minutes as a pre-shower treatment or you can leave it in overnight for more potent results. Rinse out and follow with your regular routine. You can use this a few times a week or as an as-needed treatment!

If you prefer a scalp oil, Kitsch’s Pre-Wash Biotin Scalp & Hair Oil is formulated with rosemary extract and biotin, supporting scalp health & hair strength from root to tip! This also works on ALL hair types to loosen buildup and nourish the scalp! And don’t forget your exfoliating Scalp Brush to pair with your shampoo to gently massage your scalp and loosen any buildup!

6. Bonus Tip- Dry Lips!

Nothing is worse than dry skin, we know, but dry lips? Ughhhh even worse! I am super picky when it comes to lip balms, they cannot be too thin, too thick, too waxy, too sticky… so, the ones I love the most right now are the Henne Organics Lip Mask, or the Balm Balm Lip Balm, so good for overnight too! And then, for every day, their V2 is perfection. If you really wanna boost hydration too, exfoliate first to remove dead skin, then apply a thin layer of the Henne Lip Serum and thennnn add your lip mask or V2! If you want moisture with a little tint? I have been obsessed with the Living Libations Rose Glow Lip Balm and oooh if you want a little plumping and tingling? Try their Cinnamon Hot Lip Balm! For super affordable lip scrubs, masks and balms, check out the Woolzies brand which has such cute flavors.

And there you have it, some major tips on how to tackle dry skin start to finish, top to bottom! Not sure if these products are best for you? Email our holistic Esthetician at anytime to ask! [email protected]

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