How to Moisturize Your Scalp

I have done several blogs on dry skin recently, but I really wanted to give you my tried and true, holy grail routine right now for the scalp. A huge part of proper scalp moisture is removing dead skin so your products can actually penetrate and work, so today, I want to show you, step by step, exactly how I accomplish that on the scalp. As someone with a VERY dry scalp, let me tell you, following these steps will make a huge difference in your scalp’s health and happiness, try it! Keep scrolling to the bottom for info on how to get FREE samples of two of my faves in this blog today!

This may seem obvious, but it is a step that we find most people skin, and it cannot be skipped! We must always exfoliate our face, body, and, yes, even our scalp! When dead skin sits on top of the skin, makeup lays splotchy, you may see lots of dry patches, and your skincare products can literally not penetrate and work as well! So, the dead skin has got to go. After a good scrub, you gotta tone to get hydration into the skin and then lock it all in with a solid moisturizer. Here is what I use on my scalp. If you like this style of blog, I can move on to body and face next! LMK!

Exfoliating the Scalp-

Once a week, I use a scalp exfoliating product on wash day. So, I wet my hair as usual, and instead of applying shampoo, I apply a Scalp Exfoliating Scrub and scrub scrub scrub. My two faves are the Jordan Seban and the John Masters. I also love the Rahua Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo, but it is more a shampoo than a scrub, so it’s gentler but still effective. For max results, pair with a silicone scalp brush, feels SO good.

Toning the Scalp-

After I scrub off all my dead scalp skin and build-up, I then tone the scalp. I know what you’re thinking, tone my scalp? But yes! It makes so much sense why we all have such dry scalps, and it’s because we straight-up neglect them. Or, at least, I do hehe. Not anymore! Now, I make sure to tone my scalp with a toner actually made for the scalp. The Scalp & Skin Toner is SO amazing, do not skip this one as it is formulated to cleanse, balance, and refresh – leaving the scalp soothed and skin revitalized. This gentle mist rebalances the scalp and skin’s microbiome and pH levels, reduces excessive oil production, and, combined with massage, helps boost blood circulation, encouraging healthy hair growth and cell regeneration. I only do a light mist as I plan to style my clean hair. We will apply this same product, heavier, in the next part below. After you scrub + tone your scalp, you are good to style and blow dry your clean hair!

Now, after a few days pass and your hair is ready for another wash, we are going to do things a bit heavier, and we are also going to go in with a hair mask. So, on day 3 of dirty hair or so, I will now go in and use the same scalp brush above and dry brush the scalp to break up any dead skin or build-up, again, and then, I will HEAVILY tone the scalp because tonight, we are leaving this on overnight so we can wash tomorrow. Use the Scalp & Skin toner and drench the scalp. I like to do both. Scrub with the brush, tone, scrub, and tone so you can make sure the toner is making contact with the skin deeply. Once I have the toner all over, I go in with my hands and feel around to ensure my scalp is SOAKED. Now, let that dry a bit.

Moisturizing the Scalp-

After 30 minutes or so has passed, now it’s time to lock all that soothing hydration in. I now go in with something like the Founder’s Blend and trap the moisture into my scalp and roots. I apply this hair cream to my FULL scalp and about 2 inches of roots for a nice, deep conditioning treatment, as I do not condition my roots on wash day. Fine hair, girlie, so conditioner hates me.

The Founder’s Blend is a HOLY GRAIL product as it is a super soothing, powerful, plant-based, non-toxic scalp treatment that brings hydration and balance back to the scalp’s microbiome. This topical skin & scalp emollient can strengthen your hair roots and balance scalp moisture levels to soothe the scalp, all while also protecting your hair from heat damage. Make sure you leave this on for at least 15 minutes, but for best results, I sleep with this on. For even better results, combine with a crystal comb or massage brush to really get the moisture deep into the scalp and to get the circulation flowing!

Repairing Hair Damage-

So, to recap, we are toned and now moisturized. If you want to take things up a level, you can now also deep condition the rest of the hair too. I have been OBSESSED with the Legendary Oil lately, as this stuff is no joke for healing hair. Rahua oil visibly revitalizes and strengthens weak, damaged strands, leaving hair supremely healthy and naturally radiant. At the same time, an infusion of active antioxidants, antibacterials, and microcirculatory properties work together to balance and restore the scalp. The super-fine molecules of this beauty serum push color pigmentation deep into the hair shaft, greatly extending color endurance. So, while my scalp is baking, I go in with this on my entire head of hair and then finish with a bit more on the scalp to really LATHER up. The Legendary Oil I use is the pricey one as it is pure oil; however, I do carry a cheaper one that is a mix of oils you can try instead. Also, if you are focused on hair regrowth, the Agent Holi Locks is what you want for that. Soak your hair and scalp with this 3 times a week and watch it grow. If you simply want some added hydration to the hair, the Hydration Hair Mask never fails either as it includes the amazing Rahua oil too!

Sleeping With It Overnight-

Now that you are all lathered up, it’s time to just let. it. soak. To ensure your pillow does not get ruined, I like to sleep on a towel pillowcase. On every other night, I like to sleep on a silk pillowcase, this is a must for not damaging hair. You can check out all of my pillowcase options here.

Washing The Next Day-

As soon as you are ready to wash the hair, either that same day or the following morning, you will want to double cleanse to ensure you remove all of that oil and debris you may have loosened up with your treatment. I personally like to use the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo for this, while using the above same scalp brush, again, to remove any debris left over from our treatment. Wash once, scrub, and then rinse well with warm water. Be sure to really SOAK your hair to ensure proper cleansing. Once you are done with the first wash, wash a second time to ensure all oils are removed from your hair and then, you are good to go! Your scalp should be so much more soothed, moisturized, and happy!

Free Samples-

Want to try out my favorite Founder’s Blend or Hydration Hair Mask? Right now, for any order over $35 I will pop in a FREE sample of each. All you gotta do is leave me note HAIR SAMPLES at checkout now! This is a note, not a coupon, and it’ll be popped into your order, totally free.

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