From Pain to Pleasure: 10 Hacks for Tackling Dreaded Household Chores

We all have chores we dread, right? Let’s dive into the top 10 most hated chores and some nifty tips to make them less of a grind!


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We’ve all been there: a mountain of clothes ready to come crashing down on us. Here are a few tips to make doing laundry easier.  First set a day(or two) every week that you wash a load of laundry, no matter how big the load, wash, dry and at least sort or layout flat when removed from the dryer.  If you have 10 minutes, fold immediately (even if it doesn’t get put away right then).  It will be easier to get put away later.

Depending on if you have children, one of the biggest problems is sorting.  Instead, assign a day to each child (even if you are the one doing the actual washing).  Collect their clothes in their space, and wash just their at one time to avoid the extra sorting time.  Once they reach an age you feel is appropriate, help them to do their laundry on their assigned day themselves. (My kids started at about 8 years old)  

If there are a lot of people in the house, wash a load of misc items you find daily.  The problem is not one small load, it is the huge 10 load pile, that seems endless. Small loads are easier to wash get the clothes cleaner and more importantly are easier to fold and put away quickly.   Make that load a part of your daily routine.  Load the laundry, go make breakfast.  When you are done with breakfast, and a light clean up, you might be able to switch the load.   Set a reminder time if you forget to switch them often!

9. Moving Furniture to Clean Behind

Cleaning Under Appliances
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It feels like a gym session, huh? To ease up on this chore, grab a duster with an extension handle or a Swiffer that can lie pretty flat, or a vacuum attachment. They’ll let you reach those hard-to-reach spots behind your furniture without breaking a sweat. 

For appliances, that you can’t sweep under without moving.  Make a plan, for 1-2 days a year to do this chore (moving big appliances).  By simply miantaing instead of ignoring, it will keep this chore from becoming like the picture above!!

8. Cleaning the Bath

Cleaning The Bathtub
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Scrubbing the bathtub can be a real pain in the neck (or back). I have a huge tub, and I’m not gonna lie, it is hard to clean, I dreaded it until I saw a TikTok of a girl using a mop.  So here is my tip, buy and use a designated shower mop that is purely for the use in your tubs and showers, but I’m not kidding it is the best and easiest way to clean your tub without breaking your back. 

Start by rinsing out the tub with hot water.  Fill the bottom with just a bit of water and pour your preferred cleaner into the water (no need for any extra bucket).  Then use the mop to scrub everything down really well.  Drain the dirty cleaner water, and rinse the mop fully and hang in place to drip dry, then rinse the rest of the tub. 

To make this job even easier, you could even store the mop (if it is light weight enough in the shower on a 3M style hook) this way it can dry into the shower when done and be ready to use at any moment.  The key to keeping the bath and shower clean is simply maintenance.  If you don’t let it build up it is easier to clean quickly, so make grabbing the supplies to clean easy and the shower and tub will stay clean longer.

7. Cleaning the Baseboards

Cleaning The Baseboards
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Baseboards are silent dirt collectors, right, is that their purpose in life?  I’m thinking yes.

Here’s a hack: latch a dryer sheet onto a Swiffer or broom. It’ll catch dust, and bonus, it’ll leave your room smelling like a meadow! 

Pro tip, if they are really dusty/dirty, don’t get them wet without dusting and vacuuming well first.  Remove all the extra dust and dirt you can and then scrub with a wet cleaner.  This way you avoid actually making it worse by cementing the dirt in the cracks.  

6. Dusting

Dusting The House
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Dusting is like the world’s most tedious game of hide and seek. Here’s a simple solution: Use a lint roller. It’ll nab those dust bunnies in a snap, and you can simply peel away the evidence.  Also ,it traps the dirt on the roller, not just lifting it back into the air to settle down again ten minutes later. 

Additionally, consider investing in a room filter, to help with the dust problems even when not actually dusting.

5. Cleaning the Refrigerator

Cleaning A Fridge
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Gross, huh? But here’s the deal: clean those spills pronto and toss old food every week.  If the idea of cleaning out the fridge weekly feels like a lot, try to clean out one shelf every day or every other day and just rotate throughout the fridge.  Give yourself a two minute timer to quickly organize and toss old food.

For shelves that see a lot of action, some people like to use a press and seal plastic wrap to cover shelves that is easy to remove and replace to keep form heavy scrubbing.  For a thorough scrub, nothing beats a trusty soft-bristle brush, like a toothbrush, and some warm, soapy water.

4. Unclogging the Sink or Drain Hole

Unclogging A Drain
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Unblocking drains? Not our favorite pastime. But hey, there’s a fix! A no-frills plastic drain cleaner can do the trick. Sticking to a schedule with quick clean-ups will keep those stubborn clogs at bay.  Its all about maintenance and not letting it get out of control. 

3. Removing Hair from the Drain

Cleaning Hair Form A Drain
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Just like unclogging the sink, a plastic drain cleaner can be a lifesaver here too. Regular cleanups will keep the problem manageable.  Don’t wait, we are all busy, so plan it and schedule it on a specific day for monthly maintenance. 

2. Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning The Windows
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Streaky windows got you down? Use a squeegee and some soapy water. Start from the top and work your way down for a streak-free shine!  Also, I find it helps to avoid cleaning them in the direct sunlight.. Is this a wives tail or what?

1. Cleaning the Oven 

Clean The Oven
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Don’t let your oven become a drippy, smoky mess. Learn to use your oven’s self-cleaning feature and tackle heavy buildups before they get out of hand.  It is shocking at how well it will clean your oven.  You may need to open some windows to vent the air, and it can get a little smoky.  Just be sure to do this during the day when someone is home so that you can keep an eye on the appliance.  It would not be safe to start the self clean and then go to sleep in case of a malfunction.

Cleaning the Toilet

Cleaning The Toilet
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Hands down, this is the most dreaded chore of all. Who enjoys scrubbing down the porcelain throne, really? But hey, we have some quick tips to make this chore less of a drag. Start by applying toilet bowl cleaner all around the bowl.  The trick is to let it sit and do the hard work.  Let the cleaner do its thing for about 10–15 minutes— which is the perfect time to, move onto the sink or mirror, or jump in the shower… or do another task completely. 

Once that’s done, give it a good old scrub and a hearty flush. Grab some toilet paper, wipe off any dust or hairs that stick when wet and are really hard to clean), and send it down the drain with another flush. Finish off with a few Clorox wipes(don’t flush these!!), or a cleaner spray and reusable washcloth, making sure to scrub the seat and rim. And there you have it—a shining throne in no time.

That’s it. These are the chores that straight-up stink and the hacks to make them less of a pain. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!

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