Upgrade Your Home with These 10 DIY Pillow Projects!

Hey there, get ready to level up your home game with these 10 epic DIY pillow projects! Your living space is your playground for creativity and comfort, and we’re here to guide you through the fun stuff.

With our curated list, you’ll master the art of home decor, adding personality, pops of color, and some serious style vibes. Let’s dive in and make your space feel uniquely you!

Grain Sack Pillow

1 Grain Sack Pillow Case Diy Painted Tutorial 023448
Photo Source: Designing by Numbers for Remodelaholic.

This pillow has a painted design and is so easy. Grain Sack No Sew Pillow Cases

Owl Stuffy

2 Owl Stuffy Pillow IMG 1581 600x424 600x424 023518
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Make this sweet pillow stuffy for yourself or as a gift. There is a free tutorial and pattern here: Mini Owl Stuffy Pattern

Upcycle Old Sweaters

3 Old Sweaters Into Pillow Coveres 023546
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Sometimes upcycling something you have sitting around the house but aren’t using can be really satisfying. These stripes pillows were made from sweaters, but if you have a lot of extra t-shirts around, they can become a fun upcycle pillow case too.

Large Scale Rosette

4 Rosette Pillow Crop 023336
Photo Credit: Lemon Tree Creations.

This beautiful rosette is fun and adds a lot of texture to your throw pillows. Oversized Rosette Pillow Tutorial

Braided Fabric

5 Braided Pillow Cover 023633
Photo Credit: Straight Stitches.

This pillow actually has 4 braided fabric bands, but is rather simple to create but looks beautiful. Braided Pillow Cover

Embroidered Pillow

6 Embroidered Pottery Barn Pillow Dupe 023718
Photo Credit: The Scrap Shoppe.

This pillow was styled after one for sale in a popular store. This may take a little more time, but it looks great. Embroidered Style Pillow Tutorial

Monogram Pillow

7 Mongram Button Pillow 023358
Photo Credit: Adventures of One Crazy Lady.

Its always fun to have a monogram or two. Check out this Monogram Button Pillow

Long Pillow with Buttons

8 Long Button Pillow 023325
Photo Credit: Sohl Design.

This simple pillow is nice for the change in shape to add variety to your throw pillows. Long Pillow with Buttons

Reuse a Placemat

9 Pillowcase From A Placemat 2 023456
Photo Credit: Unexpected Elegance.

This is a fun idea if you find a deal on a placemat. She picked the seam on the side and stuffed it with a pillow, and sewed the edge back up! How cute!

For the Kiddos:

10 Circus Animal Cookie Pillows 8 1024x1536 1 023526
Photo Credit: Studio DIY.

For the kiddos or the kid at heart. These DIY animal cracker pillows are literally the cutest. See the tutorial here.

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12 Master Drapes (1) Cropped 023311
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13a IKEA Lack End Table Hack Designing By Numbers Featured On Remodelaholic 600x585 023626
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