DIY Shelves You Can Make: 10 Projects to Transform Your Space!

Looking for a way to add storage and style to your home? Consider building your own shelves! DIY shelves are a great way to add both function and beauty to any room. There are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY shelves. You can choose from a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. And, because you’re building it yourself, you can customize the shelves to fit your specific needs. Here a few of our favorite DIY shelves to inspire you.

Easy Wall Hanging Wood Shelf

1 DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog 14 094247
Photo Credit: A Piece of the Rainbow for Remodelaholic.

This easy shelf offers a place to hang your purse, dog leash and jacket. Make this for your entry way, or to add to the kids room for easy storage. Find the plans to make this easy wall hanging wood shelf here.

Floating Mantel Shelf

2 DIY Modern Floating Mantel Shelf 094240
Photo Credit: Pots, Pans and Paintbrushes for Remodelaholic.

If you have wanted to add a mantel to your family room or living room, you will want to check out this easy faux floating mantel shelf. It looks great and is so easy to DIY. Find the details to make this mantel shelf here.

Small Open Towel Shelves

3a Rustic Towel Shelf 094236
Photo Credit: Her Tool Belt for Remodelaholic.

If you need a place to store your towels, then this open shelf is the thing to build. It has a rustic look that will be perfect in your bathroom, or this would also work great for added storage in a kids bedroom. Find the plans to make your own small open towel shelves here.

Floating Bedside Shelf

4a DIY Floating Bedside Lamp Shelf Tutorial Turtles And Tails Featured On Remodelaholic 094229
Photo Credit: Turtles and Tails for Remodelaholic.

Add floating shelves to your bedside for easy storage of lamps, books and more. This project is so easy but adds so much functionality to your space while being budget friendly. Learn how to make a floating bedside shelf here.

Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

5 Rustic Farmhouse Shelves By Twelve On Main18 094221
Photo Credit: Twelve on Main for Remodelaholic.

If you could use a few more simple shelves, then this idea is for you! You can add rustic farmhouse style shelves to your space on a budget without giving up the look you desire. Learn how to make these farmhouse shelves here.

Floating Shelves for the Bathroom

6a Bathroom Floating Shelves After 094213
Photo Credit: Designed to Dwell for Remodelaholic.

Give your bathroom added storage and a new look by installing some floating shelves. You will appreciate how functional and gorgeous these floating shelves look, and how easy they are to install. Get the instructions to add floating shelves to your bathroom.

Floating Rope Shelves

7a Nautical Rope Shelves Tableandhearth 25 094209
Photo Credit: Table and Hearth for Remodelaholic.

Use a few scrap boards and some rope to make these floating rope shelves. They look impressive and can be completed for free if you use materials you already have on hand. Find the instructions to recreate floating rope shelves here.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves

8 Rustic Bathroom Shelf Created From Weathered Wood By The Weekend Country Girl Featured On @Remodelaholic 094158
Photo Credit: The Weekend Country Girl for Remodelaholic.

Add a rustic farmhouse feel to your bathroom by making these gorgeous wooden shelves.  This idea gives you the perfect place to store your bathroom decorations  and you can use scrap wood to make these. Get the instructions for these wooden bathroom shelves here.

Leaning Shelves From One Sheet of Plywood

9 Leaning Plywood Shelf By Remodelaholic 3 094150
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

This idea starts with one sheet of plywood and creates a fabulous leaning shelf. Add this to your living room, or family room for a stylish storage solution. Get the plans to make a leaning plywood shelf here.

Pocket Shelf

10a Easy Build Book Shelves @remodelaholic 3 2 094145
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Add these pocket shelves to a child’s bedroom to offer them the perfect place to store all of their favorite books. This project is simple but adds so much functionality and keeps things organized. Find the plans to make your own pocket shelves here.

Wall Cubby Shelves

11a DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow 13 094139
Photo Credit: Just Between Friends for Remodelaholic.

If you need added storage for small items, you will love these wall cubby shelves. They are gorgeous and would be perfect in a workshop or craft room. Find the plans to make your own wall cubby shelves here.

Modern Sunrise Floating Shelf

12 Modern Bathroom Round Sunrise Floating Mirror DIY Woodshop Diaries Featured On @remodelaholic 1 094131
Photo Credit: Woodshop Diaries for Remodelaholic.

Update your builder grade mirror by adding a modern floating shelf. This looks amazing and costs only about $50 to complete. Find out how you can add a floating sunrise shelf to your bathroom mirror here.

Ikea Bookshelf Hack

13 IKEA Hack Console Table Or Shelf 02 094122
Photo Credit: Kristin for Remodelaholic.

This idea makes an Ikea Ivar into three fantastic, budget friendly bookshelves, to offer you plenty of storage spots. Find out how you can make three bookshelves from one ikea piece here.

Vintage  Mail Cubby Shoe Sorter

14a How To Build A Vintage Style Mail Sorter To Organize Shoes 7 E1449689282758 600x800 094114
Photo Credit: Sincerely Sara D with Her Tool Belt for Remodelaholic.

If you admire vintage mail sorters, and have a lot of shoes, you need to make one of these! This project will take you a little time to complete, but the results are well worth the effort. Find the plans to make your own vintage mail cubby shoe sorter here.

House Frame Bookshelves

15 House Frame Bookshelf Roof Close Up 094254
Photo Credit: Her Tool Belt for Remodelaholic.

These bookshelves are adorable! They are shaped like houses and will look perfect in a child’s room. Find the plans to make your own house frame bookshelves here.

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