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Wondering the Best Organic Tampons? If so, keep reading! By now, you may have seen the viral video of the girl finding Titanium Dioxide and Polyester in her L Organic tampons and what’s crazy is, I even had some of the same brand here at home.

It reminded me, that even I have to be more cautious of how I shop for things and now, we even have to remember that saying “100% Organic Cotton core” is a scam and that other ingredients can still be snuck in, let this be a lesson to us all!

We MUST read the ingredients label! So while this brand appears to be 100% Organic, their loophole is the word “core” meaning the core is 100% Organic, however, they are adding in other crap like:

Polyester, Paraffin + Titanium Dioxide.

And then, we take these items and insert them into our most delicate, highly-permeable area, it’s truly sickening considering most of us bought this brand thinking they were entirely Organic! Many women report that their periods have worsened since using these brands of tampons and while we do not know the true cause behind that, these ingredients can easily be avoided so for me, that is what’s best.

You may be wondering why TD is even added into the tampons and it’s strictly to make them appear more white. Now before everyone goes out and boycotts all TD, we must note that the size and use of it matters.

The biggest risk for TD harm comes from inhalation but as you can imagine, using a tampon made with it, knowing it has links to cancer, is probably not a good idea. Polyester also has links to cancer, so, what should those of us who prefer tampons, use instead?

What To Use Instead?

So, what should those of us who prefer tampons, use instead? Truly 100% Organic cotton tampons, only. To see the brands that I use and love, click here.

You never ever ever want to use tampons unless they are entirely 100% Organic, not just the core. So, next time you are shopping, remember to check the fine print and share these details with your besties!

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